Getting Mathematical Symbols in Office 2007 (For Windows)

There are a lot of math symbols that I find myself wanting to use in either Word or PowerPoint documents and the typical symbol table is rather small and does not have fun things, like “bowtie”.

Though, these symbols are there; they are just hidden. To access them, go to “Insert” -> “Symbol”.

A new window should popup which has a list of symbols in it that you can insert… But, like I said, not a lot of them. To unlock more, click on the drop down box next to “Font:” and select “Cambria Math”. This list has a lot more math symbols in it. Just scroll through to find what you are looking for, or use the “Subset” drop down box to find the area where the symbol you are looking for is at.


This will work in both Word and PowerPoint.
Though, Word has an even faster way of accessing these symbols, just by typing \SYMBOL in the document (Like LaTeX). It is something called “Math AutoComplete”

It can be enabled by in Word, clicking the circle in the upper left hand corner, and going to “Word Options”.

In the menu, select “Proofing” and then press the button “AutoCorrect Options…” From there, select the tab “Math AutoCorrect” and check “Use Math AutoCorrect rules outside of math regions” and “Replace text as your type”.


Now in Word when you typing something and want to insert a mathematical symbol, just do what you would normally do in LaTeX. Type in “\bowtie”, followed by a space and it will appear!

You can then copy these symbols from Word to PowerPoint. So, it makes it a little easier than finding things in the symbol table.

Though, their list does not have everything LaTeX does so sometimes you still have to use the table.

Hope this helps someone out there!

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